Furie sponsorvaart 2018

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Op de zonovergoten zondagmiddag hebben sponsoren van de Furie genoten van een prachtige vaartocht naar Rotterdam. Uiteraard met de Furie. De drukbezochte tocht was ook dit jaar weer een succes.

“Wij zijn heel blij dat we ons mogen verheugen op zoveel medewerking van bedrijven om de Furie in de vaart te houden of te onderhouden en restaureren,” aldus voorzitter Ton Raemakers. “De betrokkenheid bij de Furie is gelukkig heel groot. Om hiervoor onze dank te tonen, organiseren we eenmaal per jaar een vaartocht voor sponsoren. Maar ook onze donateurs komen dit jaar nog aan bod. Ook voor de Vrienden van de Furie wordt in het najaar een speciale vaartocht georganiseerd.”

Vriend van de Furie wordt u al vanaf €25 per jaar. Kijk voor meer informatie op onze website,, of kom gezellig langs aan boord.


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Photo: Jan Steehouwer

Photo: Jan Steehouwer

It is going well with the replacement of the bridge deck, partly through the work of our volunteers. Six days a week, there are at least two volunteers on board to assist with the various jobs.
After the wood of the old bridge deck was removed, the people of shipyard De Haas Maassluis could replace steel, where necessary. The chipping and conserving was done by our people.
In recent weeks, the carpenters of Shipyard De Hope also have been busy. The preserved wood has been fitted on both port and starboard side. Currently they are working on the part in front of the wheelhouse, after which the joints between the wood will be sealed in the traditional way with tar and hemp.
After this is done the Furie will go on the slipway, with the aim to clean and preserve the underwater hull. All in all we hope to return in April / May to our familiar berth at the Stadhuiskade.

Replacement Bridge Deck

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Photo: Jan Steehouwer

Photo: Jan Steehouwer

Before the Furie was towed to Shipyard De Haas Maassluis early January our volunteers had already done a lot of work. The telegraph, compass housing and bridge bullwark were removed and where necessary, the paneling of the interior of the ship. On the shipyard the lifeboats and davits were lifted off.
The carpenters of Ship Timmerwerf Hope could then begin removing the deck on the port side. It turned out that only a small portion of the underlying rafters needed replacement. And when that is done the now delivered and preserved wood will be fitted in the old-fashioned way with tar and hemp.
The works on the bridge deck are on schedule and we hope, as previously written, to return in May to our familiar berth at the Stadhuiskade.
Earlier this month, the boiler did undergo its biennial inspection by Lloyd’s. No problems and fully approved, we pay tribute to our black choir.


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Photo: G. Langelaar

Photo: G. Langelaar

This year the Furie is 100 years old and we plan to give more attention on this in the second half of the year.
Currently we are busy with activities related to the replacement of the wooden deck. After we requested quotations we started with grant applications. Thanks to commitments of the Fonds Schiedam Vlaardingen eo, the Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds and the Elise Mathilde Fonds, a contribution by the NISS, the great result of the sponsor action and a contribution of the foundation, we have recently been able to give the green light for the start of the restoration. The iron work will be carried out by De Haas Maassluis and the carpentry by shipyard De Hoop from Workum.
The Furie is currently at shipyard De Haas Maassluis and will probably remain there for some time. In April / May, we hope to start with our jubilee activities with a beautifully restored Furie.

Furieade 2015

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On Friday October 2nd the 36st Furieade will take off, themed: “Future on the water”. Traditionally the 99 year old oceangoing steamtug FURIE, will pass the bridge at 19.15 hours with on board a select group of invites. At 19.30 hours , Mayor Karssen will officially open the Furieade at the Stadhuiskade. On Saturday the FURIE is opened for public, she will berth at the Govert van Wijnkade Innerharbour.


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Koningsdag, Grande Parade Foto: Bram Sigterman

Koningsdag, Grande Parade
Foto: Bram Sigterman

The FURIE is the last steam powered seagoing tug in The Netherlands. Built in 1916 at Bodewes shipyards in Groningen, she worked until well into the 1970’s for the paper industry in Sweden. She was then purchased for a role in the legendary TV series Hollands Glorie, based on Jan de Hartog’s novel of the same name. In 1978 she became the property of a specially created foundation, the Stichting Hollands Glorie in Maassluis.
Over the past 35 years a great deal of work has been undertaken by the volunteers with the aim of restoring her as far as possible to her original state and also to keep her sailing. It is clear that this has been successful given that she has been accorded the status of Sailing Museum and included in the National Register of Sailing Monuments. That the FURIE is officially certified to sail with passengers (max. 40) is unique.

Time for a Celebration
Next year the FURIE will be 100 years old, an event that we certainly plan to celebrate. Of course, she needs to be in tiptop order so that we can celebrate her 100th birthday with her in her full glory. However, before the celebrations can begin there is a hefty restoration program that needs to be undertaken.

Photo: Jan Steehouwer

Photo: Jan Steehouwer

Replacement of the Wooden Bridge Deck
It is essential to replace the wooden bridge deck around the wheelhouse since this leaks in many places. This is a major operation because not only the wooden deck but also the steel under the deck needs to be replaced. We have obtained quotes for the woodwork on the bridge deck from Scheepstimmerwerf De Hoop in Workum and for the ironwork from De Haas in Maassluis. The total cost is about € 90,000. This is a costly operation and one that the Foundation cannot fund, hence this particular sponsor action.

Sponsor Action
We would like to request your help in the form of a financial contribution. If you are willing you can sponsor one or more sections of deck planking for € 250 per piece. What’s in it for you? Firstly, you will be listed on the FURIE website as a “deck plank sponsor” and, following completion of the repairs, you will receive a small section of the original deck planking. Additionally, your name will be entered in a lottery and 15 of you will be selected to take a boat trip for two aboard the FURIE.
Want to become a sponsor?
If you wish to become a sponsor please send an e-mail to with the text Sponsor Action in the Subject field.

Please include the following details in your e-mail:
* The name and full address of the sponsor (and, if appropriate, the name of the person submitting the request on behalf of the sponsor).
* The billing address.
* The number of deck planks you wish to sponsor.

The treasurer of the Foundation will then send you an invoice.

Thank you for your interest.

The following sponsors have sofar supported 84 deck planks: H. Naborn Maasland, G. Jonkman Maassluis, Dutch Marine B.V. Hulst, Steph & Steph Zeist, Koffeman Consult B.V.Maassluis, Towingline Nieuw Vossemeer, Nexum CM BV Utrecht, M. Raemakers Cuyk, Middelland Beheer B.V. Rotterdam, T. Raemakers Vlaardingen, Euro Rigging Utrecht, Mevr. H. Wegman – Bodewes Ruurlo, Trans River Line B.V. Rijswijk, Appartementsgebouw Furie Maassluis, Gareloch Support Services LTD, Rosneath, Scotland, Gareloch Marine Services B.V. Maassluis, H. de Haas Workum, Damen Shipyards Group, Gorinchem, Vrijwilligers Nationaal Sleepvaartmuseum Maassluis, Ruma Rubber Hoogeveen, Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors bv Rotterdam, A. Wesselius Maassluis, Heatmaster B.V. Hendrik Ido Ambacht, Wärtsila SAM Electronics, Rotterdam, ROC Mondriaan, Ubitec B.V. Rotterdam, Bouwbedrijf Nieuwe Maten B.V. Wormerveer, LKL Oceantrade B.V. Schiedam, Herman Sr. Dordrecht, JLT Netherlands BV Rotterdam, Avezaat Cranes Schiedam, J. Ruijsbroek Schipluiden, RSA Nederland Rotterdam,TOS Netherlands BV Rotterdam, J.A. Karssen Maassluis, F. de Nooij Mijnsheerenland, Breman Machinery B.V. Genemuiden, Meemaken B.V. Utrecht, Lions Club Maassluis, B. v.d. Brug Hoek van Holland, E.Peute Maassluis, Neptune Shipyard Aalst.

Thanks to the editors of Shipping News, Tugs Towage & Offshore Newsletter, Algemeen Dagblad, Sleep & Duwvaart, Netherlands Maritime Technology and SWZ/Maritime.


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Varend op de Noord bij Papendrecht.

Sailing on the Noord at Papendrecht.
Photo: Bram Sigterman

On the King’s Birthday, the FURIE participated in the Grande Parade. The Fast-Ferry with the Royal Family on board was escorted by 10 steam tugs, including the FURIE.

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The Hollands Glorie Foundation welcomes Mazars Rotterdam as a new sponsor of the Furie. Friday, April 10 the sponsorship agreement was officially signed by Rien van Beuzekom, AA Accountant at Mazars and Ton Raemakers, chairman of the board of the Foundation. Mazars will produce in the coming years the official accounts of the Foundation. They thus provide a professional and reliable reporting of the annual figures.


Rien Beuzekom: “Mazars is delighted to participate as a sponsor at this lovely and unique project and would like to meet with the enthusiastic team of people behind the Furie . We really want to get into it.” Ton Raemakers is happy and proud with Mazars as a new sponsor and looks forward to a fruitful cooperation.

Winter season

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Foto: Jan Steehouwer

Photo: Jan Steehouwer

As usual there is no sailing during the winter and so we have time to peform the necessary maintenance. Hence, after the Saint Nicholas trip, the boiler was emptied and this was the the signal for a special day for the Black Choir, cleaning of the fire tubes. A nice job with a good tasting beer afterwards.
Our two carpenters are making good progress with the complete renovation of the portside Engineer’s cabin. The cabin was completely emtied, the steel worl conserved and paneled with wood. Furniture was arranged and this was made by an apprentice of Klerk Yacht Interiors. The design is based on a drawing from 1953. Currently the majority is painted(see photo). After replacing the three doors of the cabins the Engineers can occupy his cabin again. This project could be realized thanks to the support of De Klerk Yacht Interiors in Moordrecht and Lions Club Maassluis.
Other ongoing jobs are painting of the boiler room and the refurbishment of the three steering wheels. Plenty work.

Christmas greetings

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Foto: Jan Steehouwer

Photo: Jan Steehouwer

The Board and other volunteers of the Hollands Glorie Foundation wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2015.