Welcome to the site of the s.s. Furie, the last steam driven oceangoing tug in the Netherlands.

Delivered in 1916 by Schipyards v.h. G&H Bodewes in the province of Groningen, she served as a tug for the paper mill industry in Sweden until far in the seventies. Consequently she was bought to star in the legendary television series “Hollands Glorie”, based on the novel of famous maritime writer Jan de Hartog. In 1978 she was bought by the Hollands Glorie Foundation in Maassluis and since she flies the Dutch flag.

Holland’s last oceangoing steam tug, which is kept alive by a group of enthusiastic volunteers, is an unique example of industrial heritage, which may be proudly exhibited both nationally and internationally.


‘Furie’ on the Waterweg.

10 April 2014

Jan de Hartog visits the Furie for the first time, March 1987

10 April 2014

Towing winch

10 April 2014