The Hollands Glorie Foundation has the objective to keep the ‘Furie’ seaworthy, open her up for the public and restore her in original state as far as possible.


Since 1980 the ‘Furie’ is seaworthy. After two and a half years of hard work the Authorities approved the boiler for service. The steam engine was operational so the tug was ready for sailing.
During the first “Furieade” organized by the Foundation, the actor Hugo Metsers (who played Captain Jan Wandelaar in the series) officially re-entered the ship into service. The “Furiade”, nowadays organized by the “Maassluis Maritime Foundation”, has grown to a major yearly maritime event.


From 1980 the ‘Furie’ sails regularly, on average about seven times a year. In recent years the ‘Furie’ is used for company tours and groups in addition to appearing at events such as “Sail Amsterdam”, “Sail Den Helder”, “Furieade Maassluis” and “Dordt in Steam”


The second objective, open the ‘Furie’ up for public, was realized fairly quick. Every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday the tug is open for visitors. Groups can be accommodated on other days but only by appointment. Yearly some 1300 people visit the ‘Furie’.


The third objective, restore the tug to original state as far as possible, has been successful. Since 1989, the ‘Furie’ has the status of Sailing Museum and in 1996 she was officially awarded the Protected City Profile by the city council of Maassluis. In 1998 the ‘Furie’ has entered into the National Register of Sailing Monuments as Sailing Monument A2.


To get to this point , the necessary big projects have been executed over the years , such as:

  • The replacement of the wooden bridge deck. Performed by students of the school of the Royal Dutch Navy Shipyard in Den Helder.
  • Replacement of all fire tubes and the front fire tube plate of the boiler. The fire tubes have been replaced for the second time in 2014.
  • Complete overhaul of the Triple Expansion steam engine. This was a huge job. The tug was berthed for half a year at Shipyard Niehuis & Van den Berg in Pernis. The steam engine was removed from the vessel and completely disassembled . All parts were then checked and replaced or repaired where necessary . In addition to the professionals in the yard, the volunteers together put in some 3,600 man-hours for activities such as: mounting, insulating, painting, conservation and cleaning.
  • Renovation of the aft and forward cabins with the assistance of the company school of de Klerk Binnenbouw . The furniture was constructed by the students and our volunteers did the installation on board. Replacement of the wooden fender.
  • As far as possible all repairs are carried out on the basis of old drawings .

Finance: The major repairs are paid through one-time grants from the State, province , municipality, funds and foundations and through actions . Regular maintenance and insurance etc. is paid from donations , sale of participation certificates , income from cruises and entrance fees.


You can help conserve this unique ship by becomimg a donor of the foundation (minimum € 25,- per year).