From the end of  the 19th century, up to the nineteen-seventies, the city of Maassluis has been the main base for steam- and diesel tugs of L. Smit & Co’s International Towage Services (later Smit International). Therefore it was not surprising that, when a still operational oceangoing steam tug appeared on television in 1977, efforts were undertaken to get the tug in to the port of Maassluis with the objective of showing  how people lived and worked in the old days on this type of ship. After the recording of the television series the tug was sold in 1976 to ‘ Handels Mij. Heise’ in Zaandam. There she was berthed for a year, until some people from Maassluis came to see if the tug might be for sale and if it was possible to restore her. This was the case and things went fast from then on. A foundation was created and certificates of participation were issued. As the television series was still broadcasted, a lot of money came in over a short period. The ‘Furie’ could be bought.

Home port:

On February 15, 1978 the participants of the first hour signed the statutes of the “Hollands Glorie Foundation”. That is how the foundation started with the objective:
‘The realization and preservation of a sailing and operational museum in the area of oceangoing steam towage in the widest context.’
The same day the Bill of Sale for the tug was signed. Two days later, on February 17, at 16.00hrs, the ‘Furie’ was towed into her new home port of Maassluis. The restoration started. Since then the Hollands Glorie Foundation successfully achieved to keep the ‘Furie’ seaworthy, open her up for the public and restore her in original state as far as possible.


Picture: ‘Furie’ full steam ahead. Picture: Maarten Laupman, Rotterdam.