Besides the employees of Standard Fasel who did the boiler repairs during the shipyard period at De Haas Maassluis, a lot of work was done by our volunteers. Due to this we were able to do river trials last Saturday with an approved boiler with new fire tubes and a freshly painted ‘Furie’.
Beautiful weather and all guests who in one way or the other were involved with the repairs. The trip to Rotterdam went very well and the engineers were satisfied. The increase of the maximum work pressure from 12 to 14 bar was noticeable. Not only was the temperature in the boiler room higher but the Triple Expansion Steam Engine ran smoother.
En route to Rotterdam we were approached by RTV Rijnmond with the request to come to the Schiehaven for some recordings. Obviously this was not a problem and on arrival a radio reporter and a camera team came on board. Excellent advertisement.
All in all it was a successful river trial and we look ahead we look with confidence to the rest of the sailing season.