Winter season

By 29 januari 2015News
Foto: Jan Steehouwer

Photo: Jan Steehouwer

As usual there is no sailing during the winter and so we have time to peform the necessary maintenance. Hence, after the Saint Nicholas trip, the boiler was emptied and this was the the signal for a special day for the Black Choir, cleaning of the fire tubes. A nice job with a good tasting beer afterwards.
Our two carpenters are making good progress with the complete renovation of the portside Engineer’s cabin. The cabin was completely emtied, the steel worl conserved and paneled with wood. Furniture was arranged and this was made by an apprentice of Klerk Yacht Interiors. The design is based on a drawing from 1953. Currently the majority is painted(see photo). After replacing the three doors of the cabins the Engineers can occupy his cabin again. This project could be realized thanks to the support of De Klerk Yacht Interiors in Moordrecht and Lions Club Maassluis.
Other ongoing jobs are painting of the boiler room and the refurbishment of the three steering wheels. Plenty work.